Adobe Zii Download v6.1 – Universal Adobe Patcher [2021]

adobe zii

Adobe Zii is a tool that activates Adobe Products for Mac OS X. It is the alternative of a well-known activator called AMTEmu that’s developed from the Russian Developer PainteR.

AMTEmu is used to activate adobe products only in Windows OS but Adobe Zii is used to active adobe products in MAC OS X and Adobe Zii is not Supported by Windows.

Adobe zii tool is generated by the TNT and for this, you are able to patch all of the newest 2021 variants of Adobe CC instantly.

It’s the only tool for Mac OS X that you are able to use to Activate any one of the Adobe Product. You do not have to follow more steps to utilize it, this is very straightforward and easy to utilize the tool.

This wonderful program is supported by the newest edition of Mac OS X 10.8. This program automatically finds the model of your program and activate it immediately.

What is Adobe Zii?

adobe zii

Adobe Zii is your activator tool that’s used to activate Adobe products like Photoshop, After Effects, Acrobat, and many others. It’s readily available for the macOS just, this is quite user-friendly and you do not have to have special abilities to utilize it.

By using adobe zii it’s possible to access all products for the remainder of life. This tool is quite beneficial for people who can not afford to buy a license for every single item.

Many people today face difficulty inactivation since all Adobe products arrive with all the 30-days free trial therefore if that conclusion you won’t have the ability to use it till you buy the license.

But since once you use it you may receive all the qualities and it activates nearly every product including 2018.


Here’s the listing of some Cool features of Adobe Zii that you ought to have a look at before proceeding. I included all of the probable characteristics of this tool so that you feel more comfortable when using it.

Auto Detection

This tool may automatically discover the program and its own variant. Just click that button and it is going to automatically detect your version and then patch it.

Manually Patch

Sometimes, if you cannot patch the document automatically whenever there’s a manual mode too. It’s the ideal choice so that you don’t confront any issue when Adobe Zii does not need this model.

Mac OS X Supports

This tool is supported by the Most Recent version of Mac OS X Sierra and all of the variations of Mac OS around 10.6. You are able to enjoy this tool in all the programs and activate Adobe.

Lifetime Activation

It’s not like a typical activator that ignites the trial and then you need to use it in order to acquire more trials. However, when you activate using Adobe Zii, it is going to activate that that product permanently if you don’t alter or install a fresh OS variant.

Up To Date

This is the latest and updated tool and the programmer of the activator working hard to deliver all of the products in 1 place. TNT team maintains upgrading this tool and includes the aad of the most recent versions of Adobe.

Virus Free

When compared to other activators which are also available online which claims a fresh activation. But they all have a virus-like trojan and other types of harmful threads or programs. Instead of these, it’s a 100% virus proof tool and you could also research more about it online.

Free of Cost

Are you thinking it is going to cost you some money? You’re wrong about this tool is 100% free of cost and will never ask you to pay any charges or money to use it at this time and in the future.

If you find any website which asks you to pay money for this tool you need to report this website of Adobe Zii developers.

Pros & Cons

adobe zii pros cons

There’s not any doubt that Adobe Zii is your ideal tool which that provides us license of all Adobe Products free of price.

However, as we’ve every fantastic thing has some undesirable effects too. Much like this program also includes several pros and cons that are mentioned below.


Free Activation: Experts This implies we aren’t likely to pay a cent to anyone and use it for the remainder of life.

macOS Service: there’s not any doubt that people are still using the old version of macOS so if you’re one of these then here’s the fantastic news. This program is compatible with all of the old and the most recent macOS X variants including Catalina.

Low CPU Utilization: Considering that the majority of us do not possess a powerful computer and there are a few tools available that utilize high CPU that might harm our system too. However, with the assistance of this, there’s absolutely no probability of it since it does not operate in the background uses a high CPU.

All Product Support: It supports all of the most up-to-date and older versions of Adobe products such as CC 2021.


Privacy Issue: there’s not any doubt that the program is totally free and functioning fine for everybody. However, as we’re allowing to get to it, this might lead to privacy issues such as the flow of information or steal of sensitive info.

ReActivation: This program will no longer stay with your accounts. If you delete and reinstall the adobe products on your mac OS you will never use all the features of adobe product anymore. You must need to install adobe zii and activate your adobe product using adobe zii.

Download Adobe Zii

download adobe zii

It’s quite simple to download Adobe Zii by using our site. We never use any connection shorteners or a massive number of in-link pop-up or ads and pop-under advertisements. The connection we discuss with you is clean safe and with all the high-speed downloading.

To create it also easy I’m composing this very simple and step-by-step manual to download from our site. This can allow you to learn better about our site and you won’t face any problem when downloading.

Let us take a look at the manual:

First of all click, the download link provided below and you’ll be redirected to our download page. With this page, you may find more details regarding this tool and also find all of the versions there.

Download Adobe Zii

Pick any variant that you would like to download then you’ll notice the Mediafire page. On the Mediafire webpage, you have to click the Download Now button and need to wait a couple of seconds.

After five seconds finish it’s going to then ask you where you would like to store your document. Pick the destination of your choice then click Alright and your document will be downloaded soon.

Now after downloading the document you then will need to proceed into the installation and also the activation procedure. Have a look at the below guide to find out more about it.

Install Adobe Products Trial

Before going into the activation procedure first of all you have to download any demo of Adobe Product. Therefore, download the item first download Creative Cloud on your Mac.

After registering on your account you locate all of the products of Adobe.

Pick any of this item which provides a free trial and then click Try a trial offer. After the program successfully activates on your system do not open the program yet. Now let us proceed to our activate and also the installation manual for Adobe Zii so that you do not experience any issue.

How to Install & Activate Adobe Zii

Since we’ve successfully downloaded this program now it is time to comprehend the appropriate way of installation. Because it is a third-party program so we must generate some alterations to our platform to allow it is installation.

First of all, you need to disable any gatekeeper and turn off any antivirus which you installing on your computer.

If you do not know how to disable gatekeeper and allow unknown developer installation read the below guide to disable gatekeeper.

Now open Finder then goes to the Download folder and then double-click the Adobe file.

So, simply open that folder and now double click the .dmg file found in that folder.

Next, it is going to open a new window in which you see two choices. so double click the Zii Patcher icon to start it.

When you start the app it will demonstrate the mistake that “This Program is downloaded on the world wide web. Are you certain you need to start it?” Thus, simply ignore this message and just click the Open button to start this tool.

Here you’ll observe the easy window with a button tagged as Patch or Drag so only click on that button and it’ll begin looking for the programs installed on your device.

When you click on that button you need to enter your administration username and password to allow the process. Simply enter the username and password and wait sometimes.

Now as soon as the application finds the installed application on your device then it will begin patching it that took around 10-15 minutes. When it’s done you’ll see the finished message look and here you are finished.

When rebooting the device now open any of this Adobe product which you patch by using this activator then click Help from the preceding menu. Then check whether there’s K’ed from TNT group accessible, if it’s there then you’ve successfully patched the app.

Now you can take advantage of this application as much as possible there are not any limitations or anything else. You’ve got a real license that lasts for the remainder of life.

In the event you uninstall the program then you’ll be asked to patch it again and also it’s safe to use your Adobe accounts together with it.

How To Disable GateKeeper In Mac OS

If you’re a brand new user of Mac then don’t the best way to disable it only follow this easy guide.

Close the program tastes and all of the programs if there’s any running in the background.

Now open Finder then click Proceed in the above menu and then click Utilities.

After this from those program lists double-click the Root.

Now at this moment, we’ll want to sort the below command and enter the password requires.

sudo spctl –master-disable

Now after doing so just close the Root and click the Apple icon in the menu and open System Preferences.

Here you’ll see all of the Preferences which can be found so from this listing open Privacy and Security.

At this time pick the General from over Menu and you also notice you can’t change the Preferences. So, just click the Lock button found on the left-side below.

Now it will ask you to enter the administrator username and password to unlock the button simply type the username and password to unlock the password.

Now you are able to make changes inside simply alter the Settings into Anywhere (3rd-option) and close the Preferences.

Enable Gatekeeper MacOS X

Should you ever feel to enable the gatekeeper again then you may follow these steps to allow it.

Close all of the opened programs if any running in the background and also close system preference.

Now start the Root in the Programs Manager.

In the Root copy and paste the below command and hit enter.

sudo spctl –master-enable

After that, it will again ask you to enter the username and password.

That is it you’ve now successfully activated the Gatekeeper and it’ll work exactly like previous.

Supported OS

If you’re confused that although your working system is encouraged by this program or not then browse this listing. It’s the whole requirement that you ought to have to conduct Adobe Zii on macOS.

Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Compatible with all products of Adobe CC 2015/2015.5/2016/2017/2018/2019

Supported Products

Here is the list of supported products which you can easily patch by using adobe zii

Illustrator CC 2019 v23.0.3
InCopy CC 2019 v14.0.2
InDesign CC 2019 v14.0.2
Prelude CC 2019 v8.1
Premiere Pro CC 2019 v13.1.2
Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.4
After Effects CC 2019 v16.1.1
Media Encoder CC 2019 v13.1
Lightroom Classic CC 2019 v8.3
Lightroom CC 2019 v2.3
Audition CC 2019 v12.1.0.182
Bridge CC 2019 v9.0.3.279
Dreamweaver CC 2019 v19.1.0
XD CC v19.0.22.9
Character Animator CC 2019 v2.1
Animate CC 2019 v19.2
Acrobat DC v19.010.20099
Dimension CC v2.2.1
And more in Zii 4.3.3

Newly Added

Dimension CC v2.2.1
Lightroom CC v2.3
Lightroom Classic CC v8.3
Adobe XD v19.0.22.9

The Best Alternatives of Adobe Zii

It is possible that your not a user of Mac OS but you want to active adobe products on the computer in windows platform?

Do not worry about that here is the best solution and alternative of adobe zii that is perfectly working on windows OS. Here is your listing of the best options of the program that are operating on Microsoft Windows.

Amtemu Adobe Universal Patcher by PainTer

Adobe Universal Patcher is the tool that’s created by a Russian programmer whose nickname is PainteR. He left this activator Quite a While ago and called it as AMTEmu.

However, if the Adobe Corp, changes the machine performance that he also made adjustments in its own program and renamed it in AMTEmu into Adobe Universal Patcher.

Now, this item is functioning fine and may be used to active Adobe Products from 2018 and 2019 too. This really is a bug-free tool and there’s absolutely no virus found inside it also.

Although if you’re a programmer then you are able to make changes inside since it’s also an open-source free app.

Adobe CCMaker

This is just another alternate version of Adobe Zii but it’s fairly different from the alternative and also the official tool. It’s developed by a programmer named T.N.T who’s the senior associate of this MyDigitalLife (MDL) forum.

He made this tool for everybody free of charge. Now the distinction in this app is that it is possible to download Adobe Products right with this.

Now you’ll be thinking you may also download from Adobe official site? Right? Then you’re incorrect this is the reason why this application worthy.

With the support of this plan, you won’t be asked to register with your Adobe ID. Also, it provides you plenty of choices if you would like to download a particular language bundle, which addon you would like to download, and far more.

Applying this you could save substantial distance in hard disk not downloading undesirable things. Also, when you download it then you will find a choice where you can immediately install it once download after which the program will active that product.

This can be supported by both Windows and the macOS also and also the activation this tool activation is your PainteR’s AMTEmu.


I’m listing some most renowned errors which individuals face throughout the activation procedure. Have a look at this listing so you might also fix the problem if you confront any. If you cannot get the problem you face please allow me to know in the comment section.

Adobe Zii is not able to locate my product?

Therefore, in this scenario, it’s suggested to use the Drag & Drop alternative.

I have a certified product if I also patch it?

No, in the event that you already buy the product it’s highly recommended to not patch it. Otherwise, perhaps you shed your subscription and they also prohibit your account.

My trial is lately expired or using a trial. Can I need to patch it?

Nothing will change in the Creative Cloud port so you can enjoy software without confronting any matter.

Can there be any way to do a trial reset?

It’s true, it is possible to reset the trial by inputting both of these commands at the Terminal.

sudo killall ACCFinderSync “Core Sync” AdobeCRDaemon “Adobe Creative” AdobeIPCBroker node “Adobe Desktop Service” “Adobe Crash Reporter”
sudo rm -rf “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLCache/” “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore/” “/Library/Caches/.”* “/private/tmp/zx”* “~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/.”*

Can Be Adobe Zii Free to use or there’s any type of subscription?

You may use this tool on any computer and on as many machines that you need without spending a penny.

Can Adobe Zii include a virus?

Regardless of these are just rumors, people just believe this because as it disturbs any Adobe Products free of price rather than costs you money. This is why most men and women believe it might have a virus or any malicious code which may get our documents.

How can I download Adobe Zii?

Because we know that Adobe Zii is still among the greatest tools to activate Adobe Products in macOS, but the majority of us do not know the best places to download.

However, now it is possible to find this wonderful application right from our site because we do not use any sort of pop-up advertisements or in-link advertising.


Adobe Zii is your ideal application which may be used to activate photoshop along with other Adobe Products. Though some people still have any doubts in their own minds.

That is why I am listing some asked questions from Newsgroups and sites. Read the following questions and you’ll get the appropriate answer there. In the event, you did not find what you’re searching for then feel free to inquire in the comment section.

Q1) The Way to Download Adobe Zii?

Adobe Zii is a free tool which will be readily downloaded from our site. We’ve provided the direct connection of a document so users do not get disturbed.

From this page click Download Now and here you visit Mega link. Just click the Download Now button and it’ll be downloaded on your system.

Q2) Is Adobe Zii Easy To Download?

Easily download Adobe Zii using the download button is provided below and you’ll be redirected into the webpage.

Q3) Is Adobe Zii Safe?

Yes, Adobe Zii is a totally safe tool. There are countless customers around the globe and they did not face any kind of issue. Thus, feel free to use this program in your mac and find a premium permit free of charge.

Q4) Can I Uninstall Adobe Zii?

If you simply activated the Adobe products but now you’re intending to uninstall it simply open Programs from Desktop then right-click onto it and click sending to garbage. This program will be removed immediately from the mac.

Q5) What is the Size of Adobe Zii?

The entire file size of the application is 5.6mbs. It’s wise for people who don’t have sufficient storage in their hard drives. Also, to conserve the distance you are able to uninstall it directly after activating any one of Adobe Product.

Q6) Is Adobe Zii has a Virus in it?

No, Adobe Zii is your 100% secure tool and it does not include any kind of malware or virus. Therefore don’t be concerned that you’ll be able to use it without confronting any matter.

Q7) Where I can find the latest version of Adobe Zii?

You may download the newest version of the tool from our site. You do not have to go anywhere as I constantly update the connection after I find the newest variant of it.

Q8) Will is stealing my personal information or files?

It won’t ever steal your documents or the data it asks you for permission to get your own files.

If you discover any applications which requesting document access only delete it because perhaps it comprises keylogger.

Q9) Can I use Adobe Zii in Windows?

But even though there’s a tool called AMTEmu that can be found for Windows that functions just like the Zii Patcher.

Q10) Do I need to pay money to use it?

Here is the free tool and it’ll stay free for the remainder of the lifetime so this usually means you could use it without spending a penny.

Though you are able to use this program on as many computers as you need there isn’t any kind of limitation.


Adobe Zii is a program that can do exactly what the title implies and it’s the tool for Mac OS X that’s 100% safe and secure. You won’t ever get banned in the Adobe Server should you use this tool for activation.

That is 100% protected and can be anti-ban, the consumers of the tool never speak anything about this and nobody still cares concerning the banning.

Everybody is using it and activating their Adobe Products for the remainder of life and appreciating all of the paid features.

You might also use it by following the process that I tell you over so if you simply missed the Installation procedure.

Then it’s highly advisable to test it and also assess the activation process so that you don’t make any errors and harm any of your documents.

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